Refresh your approach to impaired driving and substance use prevention

Plan My Ride: A web-based, interactive training for teens and young adults

Want to implement substance use prevention in an innovative way?

Plan My Ride is a comprehensive, interactive, eLearning training program developed with and for young drivers to help them build knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to avoid impaired and distracted driving.

Unlike other safe driving educational programs, Plan My Ride uses a science-backed and theory-driven approach, with youth input, to change behavior by teaching concrete, practical strategies to avoid impaired and distracted driving, and by allowing practice of skills learned in virtual scenarios.

A pilot study found that after taking the Plan My Ride program, teens reported:

  • Greater knowledge about the problem of impaired driving
  • Higher perceived dangerousness of impaired driving
  • Higher perceived social norms about how many of their closest friends would disapprove of impaired driving
  • Higher self-efficacy to avoid impaired driving
  • Higher behavioral intentions to avoid impaired driving

Plan My Ride received the 2023 Diamond Award from LearnX® for Best Accessibility in the Best eLearning Design category.

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