Plan My Ride to prevent impaired driving

A web-based interactive program for teens and young adults to prevent impaired driving


Car crashes are the leading cause of preventable death among young people. Many of these crashes are the result of impaired driving – whether due to alcohol, drugs, drowsiness, or distraction.

Plan My Ride by iRT is a comprehensive, interactive web-based training program developed with and for young drivers.

Distinctive features of Plan My Ride:

  • Scientifically rooted in behavior change theory
  • Focused on teaching not only about the problem of impaired driving but also tangible skills to prevent it in everyday life
  • Designed in look, feel, tone, and content to be relatable and engaging to young drivers
  • A brief, interactive, online, self-paced program that can be delivered remotely
  • Shown to change knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about impaired driving, perceived norms, self-efficacy to avoid impaired driving, and behavioral intentions to avoid impaired driving